Show Dates and Prizelists

All shows will take place in one arena except RMC and Deep Run which will run hunters in one arena and jumpers in the other.

We are excited to announce that all shows are TIP qualifying!

Prizes will be given for best turned out amateur and junior riders as determined by the judge.

Each show, management will select a winner for a sportsmanship prize!

Hunter Show Schedule for 2022

2/20 Haverhill Farm Mary Upshur

3/20 Greenfield Farm Carla Francis

4/24 Fox Pointe Farm Edee McGregor

5/22 Haverhill Farm Jennifer Traylor

6/12 Canceled due to rain

6/26 Greenfield Farm Robin Wood

7/24 Canceled due to extreme heat

8/7 CVHS @ Deep Run Erin Gramp

8/21 Greenfield Farm Dora Wynn **Canceled**

9/18 Haverhill Farm Robin Wood

10/16 Deep Run Hunt Club Karen Greenwood

Jumper Show Schedule for 2022

2/6 Haverhill Robin Wood

4/3 Haverhill Chuck Clement

5/1 Haverhill Robin Wood

5/29 Greenfield Terry Born

6/12 Canceled due to rain

8/7 CVHS @ Deep Run Hunt Club Chuck Clement

9/25 Greenfield Terry Born

10/16 Deep Run Hunt Club Robin Wood

**The 10/16 show is a classic DOUBLE POINTS show. While all are welcome to compete, only those riders who have participated in two CVHS events are eligible for double points.**